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Flourish Compounding Pharmacy & Nutrition Center

Flourish is a compounding pharmacy, which means we make prescription medications from scratch in our compounding lab. Flourish is also a natural nutrition center. We have an extensive line of supplements to help optimize your health. Our clinical nutritionist can guide you with a nutrition plan specific to you.

Health Tip:

Researchers found taking a daily multiple Vitamin significantly benefited both cognition and memory.” American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, December 21, 2023.

Flourish pharmacy interior

Flourish Pharmacy has been serving Oklahoma City since 2004.

We’re a compounding pharmacy, which means we make prescription medicines from scratch right here in our compounding lab. 

We’re also a natural Nutrition Center, which means we have supplements, test kits, resources, and consultants standing by to answer questions and provide guidance on health and nutrition.

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The Flourish Nutrition Center offers on-site screenings, appointments, and at-home test kits.

  • Nutrition Center On-Site
  • Appointment and Screenings
  • Cancer
  • Dementia and Brain Function
  • Blood Vessel & Heart Function
  • Energy, Hormone, Thyroid & Adrenal
  • Bone Mineral Content
  • Stress & Neurological
    Zinc Deficiency
  • Drug Induced Nutrient Deficiencies
  • Toxic Heavy Metal Urine