Allergies: Get to the Source of the Problem

Tired of taking allergy medication every day? Get to the source of the problem.

Tired of taking allergy medication every day? Get to the source of the problem.

If you suffer from frequent seasonal or year around allergy and sinus congestion problems you should look at the underlying causes. Your allergy issues may be worse because of what you eat and or your digestive gut health.

Your digestive system should break down your food into small enough particles so that you can absorb all of the nutrients. This process also reduces your immune response to foods you may be allergic or sensitive to. Your stomach acid starts the process by turning your food into a liquid. If you are low in stomach acid or are taking an acid-blocking drug you are priming your body for allergy issues.

If you have reflux, burping, belching, or bloating issues after eating come into Flourish and ask for your Vital Absorption Challenge to see if you need more stomach acid.

Some of the more common food allergens include food consumed on a regular basis: dairy, and wheat.

The intestinal wall can be damaged by antibiotics, yeast, bad bacteria, and parasites. This damage can result in a leaky gut. A leaky gut allows food, bacteria, yeast, and parasites to enter the body which often starts an immune response to protect you from the offending item. Part of this immune response can release histamine. Elevated histamine will prime your body to react to small amounts of external allergens like seasonal pollen or other daily exposures.

Some foods are high in histamine and should be limited or avoided. Email for your free histamine symptoms and histamine food list. Should you have this issue Flourish has a natural digestive supplement that digests histamine in the intestines and reduces many digestive symptoms.

You can take a daily probiotic that can help crowd out the bad bacteria, yeast, and parasites and help the gut wall to heal. Supplementing a quality probiotic proven to have what’s on the label supports your immune system where it matters most.

If you are low in zinc any damaged part of your body, including the gut, will be slow to heal. Medical research shows supplementing zinc reduced many allergies and skin issues.

Do you need to take zinc?
We do a Zinc Taste Test in the pharmacy to evaluate your need for zinc supplementation. Put nothing in your mouth for an hour, come into the pharmacy and we will do the zinc taste test. If you don’t notice a taste you are low in zinc.

A D3 K2
Vitamins A, D3, and K2 help your immune system to work better to fight infections. So if you have frequent sinus nasal infections (yes I’m talking about the crud in your nose) these vitamins help your immune system. Vitamins D3 and K2 also decrease inflammation and swelling, common in the lining of the respiratory passages.

After my natural allergy assessment and consultant appointments, I may recommend:

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