Three Natural Supplements May Help Your Child With ADHD as They're Headed Back to School

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School is starting and perhaps you child is one of the 6.1 million children who struggle with ADHD. You may be concerned about the side effects of prescription ADHD medications. We’re going to tell you what the natural options are. Flourish provides effective natural support for ADHD. 

We have 3 basic supplements that have a significant impact on ADHD:


Numerous medical studies show supplementing zinc can improve ADHD symptoms and improve the effectiveness of ADHD medications.

Flourish Nutrition Center does a Zinc Taste test to guide dosage recommendation for zinc. Swish our zinc solution for 10 seconds and swallow. If the person notices an instant strong taste they do not need zinc. If they do not notice a taste or sensation they are low in zinc and should supplement. Our staff does the test in Flourish and assists with dosage recommendations.


Medical studies find that children with ADHD have a tendency to be low in magnesium.  Children with low magnesium levels may have lower cognitive and social development abilities. Magnesium helps relax the brain, nerves and muscles while lowering inflammation in the body.

Balance D

Balance D provides dopamine support. Supporting healthy dopamine can help improve muscle control, enhance memory, control cravings and enhance mood and motivation. Ingredients also help lower the irritating attention deficit neurotransmitter glutamate. 


Free Zinc Taste test with this coupon (print this blog).
Normal cost is $5.

Limit 1 free test per person.
Nothing in the mouth for 1 hour before doing the test.
Bring the whole family!

ADHD Seminar Handout

Vital Zinc

Zinc Sprinkle Caps: available inside Flourish

Vital Magnesium

Balance D: available inside Flourish

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