Male Depression: Is Low Testosterone a Cause?

When we look closely at medical studies we find a link to depression and anxiety when testosterone is low.

Low testosterone may contribute to depression and anxiety in men.

We traditionally think about testosterone as helping with energy, erectile dysfunction, and libido (interest in sex). When we look closely at medical studies we find a link to depression and anxiety when testosterone is low.

I’ll repeat it: Low testosterone levels increase the risk of depression and anxiety. Higher testosterone levels decrease the risk of depression and anxiety. Taking testosterone (testosterone therapy) if your levels are low often improves depression and anxiety.

Testosterone levels are tested with blood or saliva tests. Free testosterone levels give a more accurate idea of the amount of testosterone that is available to be used by your body. Flourish can help you test your testosterone if you don’t have a healthcare provider. 

Testosterone requires a prescription from your healthcare practitioner. Flourish specializes in compounding personalized testosterone and other hormones. We also have non-prescription supplements that can support testosterone production and libido. Links are below.

Once you start testosterone hormone therapy it will take 2 weeks to 3 months to see how well testosterone helps with depression, anxiety, and other health issues. 

There are many other factors that can contribute to depression and anxiety including nutrient deficiencies. Keith Bishop, our clinical nutritionist specializes in assessing and testing hormones, neurotransmitters, and nutrient deficiencies. Flourish Compounding Pharmacy specializes in compounded personalized prescription testosterone and hormone therapy prescribed by our healthcare practitioner.

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ZRT Neurotransmitter Test
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Assessment Forms

Hormone Symptoms Checklist: Men
Neurotransmitter Symptoms
Depression Patient Health Questionnaire


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