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The Flourish Private Label

Like most things in life, nutritional supplements range in quality from ‘excellent’ to ‘not worth your money.’ So how do you know which companies and formulas are the good ones?

Our team of pharmacists and nutritionists hand-selected some of the best-engineered formulas from the world’s most respected manufacturers. Then we put our name and logo right on the label.

Whenever you see the Flourish logo on a product, here’s what you know:

  1. It’s guaranteed to contain what it claims

  2. It’s engineered to deliver the maximum benefit

  3. The maker is compliant with the FDA’s CGMP standards (see more here)

  4. It doesn’t contain anything artificial

  5. We’ve researched and approved the formula, the ingredients, and the science

Most Flourish-labeled formulas are classified as “pharmaceutical grade.” That means they were designed and made to the same standards as your pharmaceutical medicines.

We stand behind every Flourish-labeled supplement with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re ever unsatisfied with a Flourish-labeled supplement, simply return the unused portion for a full refund.

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