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Pet and Vet Compounding

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Flourish specializes in compounding for pets and vets.

Animals get sick too, and compounding their prescriptions can solve lots of medicine problems. Pet owners know that animals can be challenging to medicate. So Flourish compounds many common pet medications into a form, dose, and flavor that’s perfect for your pet.

Flavored Medicines

The pet who refuses to take medication because of the taste is a prime candidate for compounding. By working with your veterinarian, we can prepare medicines into easy-to-give flavored dosage forms that animals devour, whether your pet is a cat, dog, ferret, bird or snake.

Solving Dosage Problems

Just like their owners, animals are individuals and have unique qualities. Smaller animals may require a customized dose to account for their size. By working with your veterinarian, we can solve all kinds of dosage problems with custom compounded solutions.

Unavailable Medications

From time to time, a manufacturer will discontinue the production of a veterinary medication. We can often re-create those medicines through compounding. A compounding pharmacist can prepare a prescription for the discontinued product - at a strength and dosage form appropriate for that pet's specific needs.

Ear Medications

Some of our pets have ear surgeries, injuries, or get frequent infections. We compound ear medications into long lasting gels, liquid solutions and powders. Our pharmacists can even help your vet select effective antibiotic or anti-fungal/yeast medications based on laboratory cultures of the infections.