How to Easily Give Medication to Your Pets

Getting your pets to take medication can be difficult. Flourish can make it easier!

Flourish specializes in compounding for pets

Animals get sick too, and compounding offers a unique way to solve your pet’s medication issues.  Pet owners know the difficulty in giving your animal a medication, so we compound in a form, dose, and flavor that will work for both you and your pet.  We have worked with numerous different species, from dogs and cats to more exotic animals like lemurs, bearded dragons, birds, guinea pigs, gorillas, iguanas, ferrets, snakes, rats, rabbits, elephants, and rhinoceroses.   

Flavored Medicines

The picky pet that’s refusing to take medication because of the taste is a prime candidate for a compounded medication.  Working with your veterinarian, Flourish will prepare their medication into an easy-to-give flavored dosage form that your pet will devour!

Solving Dosage Problems

Just like their owners, animals are individuals and have unique qualities.  Small or large animals may require a smaller or larger dose to account for their size.  Working with your veterinarian, Flourish will solve your dosage problem with customized compounded medications. 

Unavailable Medications

From time to time, a manufacturer will discontinue the production of veterinary medication.  Flourish will work with your veterinarian to avoid medication availability problems by compounding many discontinued or unavailable medications. 

Ear Medications

Some of our pets have ear surgeries, injuries, or get frequent infections. We compound ear medications into long-lasting gels, liquid solutions, and powders. Our pharmacists can even help your vet select effective antibiotic or anti-fungal/yeast medications based on laboratory cultures of the infections.

Simply call or make an appointment to talk with one of our compounding pharmacists. After consulting with you and your healthcare provider, we can customize a solution for your exact needs.

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