My Natural Thyroid Iodine

My Natural Thyroid Iodine


Organic Iodine, Supports Thyroid Function
2 oz.

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  • Iodine is essential to thyroid function and is an integral part of thyroxine.

  • Iodine plays an important part in the production of energy.

  • It also promotes growth, stimulates the metabolic rate, and aids in burning excess fat.

  • Mental processes, speech, the condition of the hair, nails, and skin depend on this mineral and the normal functioning of the thyroid gland.

My Natural Thyroid Iodine™ is a liquid organic iodine supplement. Iodine is converted into iodide in the body. Iodine is easily absorbed from the GI tract and transported via the bloodstream to the thyroid. The thyroid absorbs about 30% of ingested Iodine, and the rest is readily excreted in the urine. Iodine deficiency may lead to hardening of the arteries, slowed mental ability, rapid pulse, dry hair, heart palpitation, nervousness, irritability, and restlessness. Each serving of Thyroxodine™ (5 drops) supplies 200 mcg of organic iodine in an easily absorbed liquid form.

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