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Sports Optimization

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Solutions for Athletes

Being an athlete and pushing your body to the extreme on a daily basis can lead to injury, infection, or pain. With the right medications these can be maintained and taken care of. Our sports medicine compounding services include our pharmacists working with your physician on a customized sports medications that meets your individual needs. 

  • Custom sports medication dosages

  • Topical pain relievers to alleviate muscle or joint pain

  • Combine multiple sports medications into single dose form

  • Compounded antifungal sports medications

  • Transdermal gels

  • Topical creams

Benefits of Topical Sports Medicine

When you’re constantly putting your body through physical activity, your body may fight back resulting in muscle aches, joint pain, inflammation, fungus, etc. When taking an oral pain reliever to alleviate the pain, these can cause other health and gastrointestinal issues. In those cases, athletes may want to use a different approach to their pain management with a topical pain reliever.

Our sports medicine compounding pharmacy specializes in creating topical pain relievers, so athletes have a better option to alleviate their symptoms. All of the ingredients used to make our topical pain relievers are the highest in quality. When you decide to choose a topical pain relief gel or cream instead of an oral pain medication, you will feel relief from pain quicker since you are placing the treatment right at the source. Whereas, oral pain medications can take longer to alleviate symptoms since they need to go through your entire digestive system before reaching the source of the pain.