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Flourish is a Compounding Pharmacy.

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Flourish solves medicine problems by personalizing.

Your body is as unique as your fingerprint. Sometimes, the mass-produced medicine made for everyone isn’t ideal for you. So we personalize that medicine through compounding.

Compounding simply means assembling. When we compound a prescription medicine, we build it from start to finish in our Oklahoma City compounding lab. Medicines are assembled by licensed technicians, and inspected by licensed pharmacists.

Because we build each medicine from scratch, we can add, remove, or adjust to make it perfect for each patient.

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There are many ways
Flourish helps patients through compounding. 

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Flourish was the first pharmacy in Oklahoma to become PCAB accredited.

The Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB) conducts rigorous, detailed, on-site inspections to measure compliance at compounding pharmacies. Fewer than 1% of compounding pharmacies nationwide have passed.

We’re very proud of our PCAB accreditation, because it was difficult to obtain, because it made us better, and because it lets people know we run the very tightest of ships.

We promise quality and consistency. Our PCAB accreditation is your assurance that we keep our promises.

For more information, please visit the PCAB website here.

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