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Flourish Hospice Pharmacy Solutions include:

Customized Pain Medicine Strengths
Many times in a hospice setting, commercial strengths of pain medicine aren’t strong enough. We can create a customized pain medication strength, so that your loved one feels completely comfortable during hospice care.

Transdermal Dosage Forms
We supply these to eliminate painful injections, when patients simply are unable swallow their medicines, and minimize the nausea that comes with taking certain medications orally.

Many times hospice patients may have an aversion to certain tastes, such as sweetness. We can make the preparations palatable for them when the commercial preparations aren’t.

Unavailable Medications
We have an ongoing drug shortage problem in our modern health care system. The medications are often not being made in sufficient quantities by manufacturers, and alternatives are ineffective for your loved one. In these instances, we can make the medications for you, from the raw ingredients.


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Combination Preparations
We can combine several of your loved one’s medications into a single dosage form, such as a transdermal gel, suppository, or capsule. This can simplify the medication administration schedule, making it easier on you, your hospice provider, and your loved one.

Simply call or make an appointment to talk with one of our compounding pharmacists. After consulting with you and your healthcare provider, we can customize a solution for your exact needs.

Flourish Has a Solution For:

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Custom compounded medications are tailor-made for individual patients by combining different types and strengths of active ingredients in unique doses and delivery methods, such as creams, gels, or flavored liquids. Flourish creates a safe, effective, and personalized approach to managing our patients’ well-being.

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