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Custom Compounded Sinus Rinse

Flourish specializes in compounded sinus medications made specifically for your personal needs, medical history, and sensitivities. Custom medications include ingredients to combat bacteria, fungus, inflammation, and/or allergies. Your sinusitis is in your sinus cavity, not your mouth or bloodstream. That is why Flourish prepares treatments applied directly to the sinus cavity allowing the medications to work while minimizing the potential side effects that may occur when taking oral tablets or capsules.

The pharmacists at Flourish are well versed in interpreting culture and DNA sequencing results. If your provider has performed either of these, we would be happy to collaborate with them and recommend treatment options specifically for you.


  • Custom strengths and dosages to treat each unique patient
  • Delivery of medication via nasal irrigation system directly to sinus cavities
  • Unparalleled patient care with every prescription order


If you suffer from reoccurring sinus infections, sinus pain, and/or allergies you should talk with your provider about a custom compounded sinus irrigation. Feel free to have your provider reach out to one of our pharmacists with any questions.

Call today! Our pharmacists are happy to answer your questions.

Sinus Pain

Allergy Relief Tips

Monitor Local Pollen Levels
Click here for pollen levels in Oklahoma City. Stay inside when the pollen count is high and it’s windy. If you do go out, be sure to shower and change clothes when returning indoors.

Change your ventilation filters and clean your fans
Installing a new, clean filter can help reduce allergens in your home. A new filter should last through the allergy season. Often forgotten, fans can accumulate a lot of dust. Be sure to clean them regularly to avoid the spread of allergens.

Ask About Compounded Prescriptions
Our sinus rinses can combine antifungals, antibiotics, corticosteroids, and antihistamines to provide relief directly to the sinus cavities. Call us at 405-751-3333 and ask to speak to a pharmacist about adding this to your regimen.

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Custom compounded medications are tailor-made for individual patients by combining different types and strengths of active ingredients in unique doses and delivery methods, such as creams, gels, or flavored liquids. Flourish creates a safe, effective, and personalized approach to managing our patients’ well-being.

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